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    I'm so glad you're here! I'm Heather, and I've been photographing the babies, children, and families of Southwest Florida since 2002.

    I love what I do, and I hope you'll enjoy seeing examples of my work in the galleries on this site. Please visit me on Facebook, and follow me on Pinterest as well!

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Yes! My answer will always be YES if you ask if we should try to include the dog in the pictures :).



He has the sweetest smile!


When they want to make a silly face, it’s really best to just let them make the silly face, take a picture of it, show it to them on the back of the camera, and promise to put it in their slideshow. Because remember, he will probably get married someday and this is GOLD for the wedding slideshow :D.





<3 <3 <3


A big bunch – Sarasota family photographer

One of the biggest client families I have … there are eight in this bunch!The oldest was away for this session, but it’s still a lot of kids to organize, so I was really glad to get a great shot of all the kids and a great family shot. They were all very cooperative and seemed to particularly like choosing the spot for their individual pictures.  Almost all of the kids wanted to have their picture taken by themselves with their dog :D.








Just have fun! – Lakewood Ranch child photographer

After more than ten years photographing primarily small kids, I can tell you with certainty that the best way to get great images is to let them have fun. Yes, sometimes they get a little wild, and overly silly, but without fail if they are having a good time I can capture what we’re going for … natural smiles and happy expressions, just the way you want to remember them! This crew is an excellent example. Every. Single. Session we all end up laughing until we fall down, there’s FIVE personalities to try to wrangle into one great shot, and it’s gunna get a little nuts, guaranteed. Their mom, being a mom of five, is familiar with chaos and takes it all in stride (or does a good job faking it 😀 ). I promise you, I’ve seen it all …. let them play and have fun, let me chase them and tell them to say ‘shark farts!’, and it’ll all work out just fine :).