Prejudiced? Who, me?

No WAY am I prejudiced.  When I say that this is the most pulled-together, smart, reliable, creative teenager I’ve ever met, I mean it – and not *just* because she’s my niece.

This is Hannah.  I can hardly believe she’s graduating high school this year, because I clearly remember her father (my brother Scott) calling to tell me she had just been born.  I remember her as a baby, an adorable little girl.  She moved to Florida when she was ten, so I’ve been able to really see her grow up.

Not just my niece, Hannah has been working for me at Catch A Star Photography since she was 13.  She started out assembling albums and other little things, but quickly proved her skills and moved on to computer work, digital imaging, collage and storybook design and *more* by the age of 16.   I’m extremely thankful for this digital age we live in, which will allow her to continue working remotely when she heads off to college this fall.

Hannah-103 - Copy


Hannah-130 - Copy

Hannah-126 - Copy

Hannah-147 - Copy


March 9, 2010 - 7:02 pm

PamN - Beautiful girl, beautiful images!

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