Golf Channel interview with Payton’s parents and Dick Vitale

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Please take a few minutes to watch the video at this link:

Golf Channel – Dick Vitale and the Wrights

As you know, I was blessed to have met Payton and photographed her with her family twice, and also attended and photographed her beautiful memorial service.  Links to all of these can be found under the category Payton Wright on this blog, and also on Payton’s page,

I’ve also known Mr.Vitale for several years, as I have photographed his gorgeous grandkids numerous times.  Mr. Vitale is a tenacious man! – and he is committed to the cause of fighting cancer and I know he will continue to be instrumental in raising funds and awareness.

Payton’s parents, Holly and Patrick…what can I say?  I can’t even imagine their pain, can’t begin to guess how hard it is for them to relive it all over and over as they tell Payton’s story to spread awareness.  That NEVER gets any easier, but they keep pushing on in hopes that someday other families won’t have to suffer as theirs has.  Their strength is amazing and inspiring.

Thanks for watching, and for supporting pediatric cancer research in any way you can.  Cancer at any age is terrible – cancer in a child is horrifying.  I will never forget Holly telling me how underfunded pediatric cancer research is, compared to other types.  I hope that changes, and thank the Vitales and Wrights for all they do to make it happen.

June 4, 2009 - 8:49 am

PamN - Such courage in continuing this fight…Payton touched a lot of hearts!

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