Hey, I know that cat!! :)

There is a really neat story that I never did pass along before.

Several years ago, I was reading my monthly newsletter from local Circle Books on St. Armands, and my jaw hit the ground.  A local author, Blaize Clement , had written a book (now a series) about a former Sarasota County female deputy who left the job to run a pet sitting company.  *I* was a Sarasota County deputy, and I ran a pet sitting company while still on the job!  I eventually sold that company to an employee when I retired from SSO and dived full time into my photography business, but the parallels in the story were shocking!  Thankfully, my reasons for leaving law enforcement were not nearly as tragic as her characters, but you’ll have to read the books to learn more…….

So, I checked out Blaize’s site and sent her an email to tell her that I walked right out of her novel.  She asked if I could come up to the book signing, and we met and got along just fine :).  We have kept in touch on and off, and late last year she asked me to do some fun images of her for promotion of her latest book.  She doesn’t currently have any pets of her own, so I offered the use of mine for our session.  We had so much fun at her session!  She’s a smart lady who always carries catnip (she staples little bags of catnip on bookmarks she gives out at book signings — just one of the coolest things I have ever seen:)) and that made her rather popular here…….

…..if you’ve been to the studio, you’ll recognize the awesome cat in this picture/article in the October 2008 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine with Blaize as being our one of a kind studio cat, Winston :).    Click here to read the article! 

Not only was our Winston on the Cat Fancy site, but posters of he and Blaize used in her promotions were up in bookstores nationwide earlier this year!  Awww I’m so proud of my first ‘baby’ !  (Winston is 16 and has been with me since college…..quit doing the math on that!!……)




October 25, 2008 - 1:15 pm

PamN - Such a cool story – thanks for sharing! Love the images of her with the cat, they are so flattering.

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