Payton’s journey

I know many of you who follow this blog know about the journey through cancer fought by Payton Wright and her family.  You may have watched the slideshows of images that Itook of Payton and her family, and most heartwrenching of all, her memorial service.

Recently, Dick Vitale, who had pledged to raise 1 million dollars in cancer research funds in Payton’s name, surpassed that goal and a total of 1.2 million was donated.  At the gala to celebrate the donation, Payton’s mom, Holly told the story of Payton’s journey.  While I had read the transcript on Payton’s website, the video of Holly’s speech is now on Mr. Vitale’s site and I really encourage everyone to watch it and pass it on.

The link is here:  Holly’s speech.

It hurts to watch it, I won’t lie about that.  It hurts me to watch it and I sat here and cried as I did, remembering Payton as I do daily, and seeing just a tiny, TINY piece of her family’s pain there in Holly’s speech.  I really encourage everyone to watch it, and pass it on to everyone they can think of.  As Holly pointed out in her speech, pediatric cancer gets very little funding, and with awareness we can change this.  Mr.Vitale’s work to raise funds and awareness are an example of what people can do when the message gets out.

Please share Payton’s story, help fight cancer, and hug your kids.

Payton’s website:



October 3, 2008 - 9:00 pm

Terrilyn - Oh Heather, how heartbreaking. Yes, I am hugging my kids now. Life is such a precious gift. Hopefully spreading the word will increase awareness and get more help to families who are suffering. Thank you for sharing this with us all.

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