A video about Payton

Please be sure to watch the following video when you have a couple of minutes:

Payton Video

Payton’s dad, Patrick Wright, was interviewed along with Dick Vitale to discuss the Payton Wright Pediatric Research Grant.  I have had the pleasure of photographing Mr. Vitale’s grandchildren numerous times over the past few years, and can tell you that the entire family are very caring, passionate people who are really able to make things happen — I know this one million dollar goal will be reached, and very quickly!

I also have to share that I am truly touched that the images I captured of Payton have meant so much to their family.  This was a very loved little girl, photographed thousands of times — at her memorial service, the number of images of Payton throughout her life that were displayed was incredible! To know that, in the brief period of time I was able to spend with Payton, I captured images that the Wrights feel show a little slice of this amazing little person is truly an honor.

A quick snap of my kids from Payton’s FunWalk in late September….they know all about Payton, and are so sad they didn’t get to meet her. They were so happy to take part in this walk, and to meet Payton’s sisters :).

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