Payton’s New Slideshow :)

I think I forgot to post an update to the blog to let everyone know to check outthis link to see Payton’s new images.  We went to Jungle Gardens a few weeks ago after our trip to Selby Gardens was derailed by a huge crowd for a festival! It worked out great because we got to feed the flamingos at Jungle Gardens, and Payton as well as Savanna and Sydney seemed to really enjoy it!

Please remember to check Payton’s website for updates as well….Holly and Patrick try to update on Payton’s condition at least weekly, and often more frequently than that.  Payton had a setback with her MRI in February, but has been following a strict diet and supplement regimen in an effort to keep the cancer from spreading.  She has another MRI scheduled for next week, so please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

It was a little chilly that day, and even though Payton’s hair is growing back in now she wanted to keep her fuzzy pink hat on!

Payton still has those long gorgeous eyelashes…I just had to capture them again!

Sydney and Savanna :).

Payton wasn’t feeling her best that day, but still had fun and was silly :).

Please leave a note for Payton and her family in the Guestbook on her site, linked above…Payton loves hearing the Guestbook entries!

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