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From tiny, squishy newborns to toddling one-year-olds, baby sessions are lots of fun! Documenting this first precious year of life and the miraculous changes that happen over just a few shorts months is one of the most rewarding parts of my job.

It’s over in a blink, isn’t it? In a haze of midnight feedings, diapers, milestones and baby kisses, the first year is gone in a flash. Capturing the milestones as a baby grows is such a joy for me … I’m honored to be chosen to be such an important part of your family’s story!

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Our sessions for babies take place under our exclusive StarBabies program.  This program includes:

  • 3 sessions during baby’s first year (we recommend NB / 6m / 12m  –  or –  4m / 8m / 12m – we’ll help you choose!)
  • up to 45 minutes of session time / per session
  • 20 (or more!) finished images
  • online slideshow/shopping cart
  • access to exclusive collections

Prefer just a single session? Please visit our Child/Family Session page.

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So what can you expect from your sessions?

That varies, depending on the age of your baby! Here are just a few tips about what to expect from your baby’s sessions.


  • Portraits of your newest family member are often among a family’s most precious heirlooms.  After all, they are only this little for a very short time!
  • The best newborn portraits are created in the first two weeks of life, when your baby is still curled up and sleepy.
  • Also, since baby acne tends to kick in after three weeks of age, the earlier we do the portraits the smoother the skin will be.
  • One key to gorgeous newborn portraits is *patience*. Sometimes newborn sessions can take up to two hours to complete.
  • Tiny babies are happiest in your arms, so many of our newborn images will be created while you are holding your baby.


  • For 4-12 month old babies, your home, backyard or other comfortable outdoor space is ideal for your session.
  • Sessions with babies take place in the morning, as they are more reliably happy and cooperative then.
  • Please keep your child’s nap schedule in mind as we determine the best time for your session.
  • Try to keep your child’s schedule as close to ‘the usual’ as possible the day of the session.  Ample time for snacks and breaks is built into your session time.

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Booking your session: The StarBabies session fee of $125 per session is required at booking to confirm your chosen date.  This is a reduced session rate just for our StarBabies!

Slideshow and shopping cart: Within a few days of your session, your slideshow and shopping cart will be ready to view.  They are published on private links, which will be emailed to you, and are active for ten days only (no exceptions).

Ordering: There are two options for ordering – at your home and online/phone.

  • At your home, I can assist with your choices and make suggestions for arrangements.  Your order must be placed and payment received on the date of your ordering appointment.
  • If you opt for online/phone ordering, your order must be placed during your ten-day slideshow time frame.

Order Fulfillment: Once your order is placed and payment received, it will take approximately 2-4 weeks to fulfill.  Specialty items may require more time. There is a $300 minimum print purchase from each StarBabies session.)

Image Archive Policy:

  • All images are available for purchase for 60 days from the date your slideshow goes online.
  • Ordered images are kept on file for one year
  • Unordered images are purged after the initial 60 day time frame.

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