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    I'm so glad you're here! I'm Heather, and I've been photographing the babies, children, and families of Southwest Florida since 2002.

    I love what I do, and I hope you'll enjoy seeing examples of my work in the galleries on this site. Please visit me on Facebook, and follow me on Pinterest as well!

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In the woods – North Port FL child photographer

I can’t believe these two are TEN years old! They’re my neighbors out here in the woods, and are starting to collect animals at a rate that rivals ours :D.  In fact …. during the session we talked quite a bit about chickens, and then later I brought them some eggs from MY chickens which they let me know later tasted SO much better than store-bought eggs.  So I predict that the next session at their house in the woods might involve some poultry :D.

For now, we’ve got rabbits and rodents and dogs and TWINS. Happy birthday Connor and  Kate!

Connor and his bunny.


She looks more like dad, and he looks more like mom. I love seeing the resemblances in the families I photograph!


It’s a tradition. We always have to climb things whenever possible at my sessions.  This time Kate used her monkey-like skills to climb some bamboo.




I always get a great ‘serious’ look from Kate, and I always feel like it *has* to be black and white…. my first photographic love, and my enduring favorite.



The hammy :). PS, hamsters are super hard to photograph.  Twitchy little boogers.


And Gunnar!


So the kids, being kids, were horsing around with a pitchfork. I agreed to take their picture with the pitchfork and set them up like this and said Ok now, no smiles…. and we got this silly shot. They of course have NO idea what the reference is….. :D.


February, ten years ago – Sarasota Baby and Child Photographer

What were you doing ten years ago this month?

Here’s a peek at what I was doing! Sessions with two seniors, a homecoming session for a newly adopted baby princess, a sweet boy turning one and his big sister, a little girl just learning to walk, a session for display images at my favorite kids bookstore (now closed:(  – we miss you Little Bookworms!), and a maternity session.



6 days old – Venice newborn photographer

I spent a couple hours this morning with Christian, who was born on New Years Eve!

I love that you can see a little bit of his ‘stork bite’ mark between his eyes in this shot.  Christian was awake for a lot of our session! A very alert newborn.



Look at all that hair!


Aiden was very interested in the portrait process. And my camera. And my shoes. And my wraps for the baby. He has GORGEOUS eyelashes and a huge smile.


<3 Love this. I always love the natural, behind the scenes lifestyle shots so much.


Blue! – Sarasota family photographer

I saw on Facebook that Carly had colored her hair BLUE recently! Her dad asked for more black and white pictures at this year’s session :D. I admire her fearlessness and her parents willingness to let her express herself – we’re pretty unconventional at our house too, so I like to see personalities being allowed to shine!:)

We always try to get a picture with all the horses and all the dogs, with varying degrees of success….


Barn light is just *so* pretty.


This is Lily, the new dog. Whom I could steal :). She was so cute and had tons of energy.


Love, love, love!


They’re all taller than me – Lakewood Ranch family photographer

I’m not very tall. I’m 5’3″ if I stand up nice and straight and lie a little :D. So some of the clients I’ve had for a long time are taller than me now, or close to it, and seem to get a kick out of That Session Where They Are Taller Than Miss Heather. This year, it happened with ALL of these kids. The twins were taller than me last year, and this year Ava is the same height as me…. and she’s TEN!  Great family session at their home :).